4x4 Self drive Safaris - Africa holidays

4×4 Self-drive safaris are the best option for holidays in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi on a fixed budget. You will save more on your private tour, especially with camping. Time well and prepare in advance for your safari. You will have a lot of options to choose from depending on what budget and time you have for the tour. – Africa holidays and Self-guided Tours

Self-drive Safaris & places of interest

Self-drive safaris and tours are becoming more poular in East Africa because they have proven the best way in terms flexibility and econonocal to explore where many admire to go. There are many places of interest especially if you take research before deciding on your trip. Interest and places include;

  • Wildlife safari spots
  • Hiking and trekking places
  • Nature safaris such village walks and beach tours
Lake Kivu
Plus Size & Gorgeous
Bisoke Mountain lies within two national parks, Volcanoes in Rwanda and Virunga in the DR Congo. Aside from visitors to the parks searching for gorillas or other wildlife, the peak is popular with mountaineers. It can be climbed in a day from the Rwandan side and leads two-day excursions to it and nearby Mount Karisimbi. The hike is considered steep but walkable
Nyanza Palace
Plus Size & Gorgeous
Plus Size & Gorgeous

Self-drive safaris a Completion of isolation

Safaris and Self-drive Tours are well almost. If the idea of breathtaking landscapes, all that wildlife and extensive birding aren’t enough to tempt you, some places around East Africa can offer you a sense of isolation like few places left on Earth. For example, arriving in Ruaha you would be forgiven for feeling like you’ve stepped back in time and discovered a world far removed from modern civilization and the stress and strains of our busy world. A wild and remote wilderness. In some places, you will find large national parks, with inaccessible locations that will remind you of the least explored world.