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Camping Safaris are the best option for budget self drive holidays. We have options of travelling around East Africa. Pick up your desired location to have your vehicle from and explore the region. From Nairobi in Kenya to Arusha or Kilimajaro in Tanzania, in Rwanda and Uganda. Go camping with rooftop tents on jeeps or ground camping to cut your holiday costs. We offer both ground and rooftop tent camping. Depending on the prices and season (dry or wet), you will have options for how to spend your wildlife holiday in the wilderness. Our camping rates are affordable and we offer all the necessary equipment.

Self-Drive Tours Camping & One-way Rentals.

We have amazing rates for auto rentals. We endeavour to be your main choice when even ever you think about a road trip in East Africa. For business or a Vacation holiday tour, we have all you need. We have amazing deals to return clients, and reliable, personalized services, you also can appreciate the advantages of a peaceful trip. Save on your next road trip by renting a 4×4 car with us. We have the best rental deals, last minute specials and you can upgrade anytime. We help to minimize the cost of your trip with our discounted car hire rates in Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi.  Choose your destination with a one-way rental and we respond positively with a better offer.

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Camping Safaris in Uganda (4x4 Safaris)
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Our dedicated camping expertise

We are your Africa Travel Experts choice with a dedicated team of Africa enthusiasts. We help you in planning highly personalized, quality safaris in Africa when you choose a self-drive holiday in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi coupled with camping. For more than a decade we have managed to cover the remotely placed destinations with untouched nature where you will go and feel the wilderness around you. Together, we will develop a customized itinerary that is right for you and your price range. We love Africa, and we would love to help you make your dream of travelling there a reality. We provide you with all the required gear for camping. Our 4×4 cars which include the Land Cruisers both automatic and manual can lift up to two rooftop tents each with double occupancy. This makes it holding a maximum of 4 persons camping. However, we have options for ground camping and this is a good idea during the dry season. It is a cheaper camping option.

    Camping Cooler Box

    This 24L Cooler box is a convenient portable freezer box. It is insulated to maintain the temperature of the stored products. Used to store drinks, including beer, water, and aerated drinks along with various food items.

    Camping Chairs

    These are the most comfortable and highest quality camp chair we've tested. It's supportive, yet soft and springy so it holds you in a relaxed upright position and cradles your curves without pressure