One Way Car Rental - Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi

Rent a 4×4 Car for self-drive in Rwanda and Uganda on a One-way rental. Drive through Uganda Rwanda and Burundi on a one-way rental. We introduce the strategy of multi-place self-drive safaris. These self-drive guided tours are getting in popularity as travellers have examined, noticed documentaries or trawled the online marketplace for information about diverse African nations and have penned a want listing of spots they want to find out. Increase to your preferred listing! Included beloved Experience the freedom of the self-drive safari and discover probably the most attractive locations and fascinating wildlife in East Africa. Stay in the wilderness with our camping options. A 4×4 with a rooftop tent(s) will give you a better experience with African wildlife and nature. Drive in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi on a one-way Rental with our 4×4 car hire services. We have always options where you will be flexible during your African self-drive tour. This will help you increase your listing and explore more of the wilderness.

4x4 One Way Car hire Uganda and Rwanda

Car Rental and Camping safaris

One-way car hire on self-drive and camping, all combined for East African holidays. Make your adventure trip in Africa budget with our 4×4 Jeeps for memorable holidays. Stay in the wilderness and hear the whispers of the jungle

    Safaris in Wild
    Rent a 4x4 with a pop-up roof for your next holiday in Rwanda and Uganda.
    U Drive - One-way
    Drive your safari in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. Draft your itinerary with a one-way rental option. We have great rates for you.

    Safari attractions & Self-drive Holidays

    East Africa Safaris are of more interest and there are a lot more to catch your attention. Here we come with the self-drive option of travelling around on a single car rental. Choose multiple East African visas for easy movement during your vacation. When you get to have tips on the routes you are about to take, you will find out a lot more interesting places many people have not gone to before. The East African tropical highlands are an Eden to Africa’s finest wildlife. The mountains which are marked as Africa’s highest, large herds of mammals, the Primates and apes which find a home in the remaining thick forest of Africa, and the rivers and lakes will always give you memories of Africa.

    One Way Car hire

    Choose one-way car hire on self-drive or with driver-guides for your trip. Our staff has a team of safari guides who will guide you right from planning until the end of the trip, whether on self-drive or on a guided safari. The team is vast with the region’s best attraction and has prior knowledge of everything you would like to know. Share your itinerary with us and sit back to enjoy the new sights on your trip. You won’t miss anything or any activity because our guides know where and when to turn. There’s room for adjustments if you find anything interesting and also adjusting on days if you find more budget and time on your experience. It’s free mileage, why not go far?

    If you’re searching for Car Rental choices for East Africa Road trips, our extensive fleet of rental vehicles will match all your requirements. From Compact vehicles, buses and Minibuses, luxury SUV cars, Camper Vans, and 4×4 safari vehicles. We have a vehicle to suit your requirements, all available in our East African locations

    Gorilla Tours
    There is always something special about going into the mountains while searching for the mountain gorillas. You may have several choices of doing this and there are many popular parks that are hosting African wildlife safaris. Your guide may lead you along the narrow path into the dense mountains
    The big Cats
    Queen Elizabeth Safaris in Uganda and Self-drive Tours
    Rwenzori Mountains
    The Rwenzori mountains are identified with the legendary as Mountains of the Moon. These are described in antiquity as the source of the Nile River. The Mountain is located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With the highest peak at 5,109 meters, and the range's upper regions are permanently snow-capped and glaciated.
    Rusizi National Park
    Rusizi National Park is a national park in Burundi, next to the Rusizi River, 15 km north of Bujumbura city is a home to hippopotamuses and sitatungas.