Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda Gorilla trek)

Volcanoes National Park. This is must visit to Rwanda’s destination popularly known for habiting the most exciting ground-dwelling herbivorous species of Mountain Gorillas, it’s located in the North western part of Rwanda along Rwanda’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo not very far from Virunga National Park of Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park of Uganda, its inclusive of the Virunga Massif.

Volcanoes National Park is characterised by thick tropical rainforests which are partly green, shrubs, Savannah grasslands, bogs, marshes, bamboo forested areas and swampy related areas, it’s home to five of the eight Virunga Mountains including Mountain Karisimbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Gahinga and Mountain Sabyinyo. Besides Mountain Gorillas, Volcanoes National Park also provides habitat to the species of Old World monkey family known as Golden monkeys plus different other Wildlife species including other primates like Colobus monkeys, vervet, baboons and more, different bird species, different insect species and reptiles.

How to get there? There are two options for reaching this Park from Kigali city or the airport including road transport and air transport means, travelling from Kigali up to Volcanoes National Park in Musanze district by road takes about 2-3 hours for the drive depending on the speed used and traffic.

It’s advised and recommended that you arrange all transport services from Kigali airport or city up to Kinigi where Volcanoes National Park is located with a local tour operator rather than using a public taxi up to Musanze town because there are transportation services from Musanze up to Kinigi park offices.

If not road transport, you can go by air transport means since private charters are arranged from Kigali airport up to Kinigi airstrip where park offices for Volcanoes National Park are located.

What to do. Reaching Volcanoes National Park, the major activities done include Mountain Gorilla trekking which involves meeting with these apes in the Jungles at a cost of $1500 USD per person for permits, Golden monkey tracking which involves meeting with these species of the Old World monkey family in the jungles at a cost of $100 USD per person for permit.

Other activities to do include the Dian Fossey hike at a cost of $75 USD per person which involves hiking up to Dian Fossey grave yard, Volcanoes hiking hiking Mountain Karisimbi and Bisoke. You can also do the Ibywacu cultural experience in the Iby’wacu cultural village which is just outside and near Volcanoes National Park.

Where to stay. Volcanoes National Park is situated with different accommodation facilities reserved for clients to stay while on a visit to Volcanoes National Park, these facilities are categorised into three including budget facilities, midrange and luxury facilities.

Golden Monkeys
Volcanoes National Park
Mout Muhabura
Volcanoes National Park
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Volcanoes National Park